Shimmer Range – a mix of Merino, Silk & Sparkle – approx 45gms each



The Shimmers are my own unique range where top quality 70’s (21 micron) Merino wool has been combined  with Silk and Trilobal Nylon to give a beautiful merino mix suitable for needle felting, wet felting and of course spinning.
Each colour is approx 45 gms.   They are colourfast and child safe (with of course the usual warning that for needle felting the needles are extremely sharp).  The merino is also sourced from non-mulesed sheep.  (In the colourway pack category you will also find a couple of packs of 4 containing some of the shimmers in smaller quantities)

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Amber, Amethyst, Aqua, Blackberry, Black Onyx, Jade, Pastel Lilac, Sapphire, Turquoise