Needle Felting Starter Kit with 20 colours – designed for 2D felting (painting with wool) – all you need to get started!


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Designed by me this starter kit is perfect for ‘painting with wool’.   The kit includes 20 colours (approx 6gm each) of 100% top quality 70’s Merino felting wool.   This is the perfect wool for 2D felting as the colours are exceptionally vibrant and the Merino itself is very soft and easy to work with.   There are also 2 colours of veins and 1 colour of glitz – all to add that extra interest to your work.  Also included is the foam pad to work on, 2 pieces of 100% Merino wool soft pre-felt (approx 12″ x 10″ {30x25cm} for the base to attach the colours to), a wooden handle with a fine felting needle inside and 9 spare needles.   (There are 3 thick (the longest needles), 3 medium and 3 fine needles (the shortest).   If you have ever felt uneasy about tackling 3D needle felting (making animals etc) this 2D kit is ideal for you.   If you are artistic you can of course create wonderful scenes, however most of my work is abstract as I find it is all down to colour – you can see examples of my work on the leaflets in the kit and of course on my own site.    Having got started you can go on to create so much more than just pictures – again the A4 leaflet will give you the inspiration.

I have  included a basic instruction sheet  which gives you tips to guide you into the ‘dos’ and  ‘donts’ of needlefelting and also a double sided A4 colour printed leaflet showing some examples of 2D needlefelting to give you ideas.   This is just the start for you of what easily becomes an addictive craft – you can add many different embellishments to  needlefelting to add texture and interest.  If you want sparkle you can incorporate Angelina fibres or even as a final get out the sewing needle and stitch in Sequins or Braid.

All presented in a cardboard storage box – makes it ideal as a gift!
All the merino wools supplied are from non-mulesed sheep and will be supplied with cut ends.  Please remember Needle felting needles are very sharp and should be handled with care – the A4 sheet advises on using the Needles.