Mulberry Silk Tops/Fibres. A choice of colours each 10gms. Used for Felting, Spinning, Silk Paper Making and general crafts



This listing is for 6 different coloursĀ  (for you to select from) of Grade A Mulberry Silk – each colour being approx 10 gms. Incorporating Mulberry Silk into a felting project adds luxury and definition to the piece and the natural shine of the silk enhances the felting project. It is also used in silk paper making. This is a top quality silk which is also known as Cultivated Silk. It is produced from the silk worms of the Bombyx Mori Moth whose diet consists of Mulberry leaves and it is produced in a controlled warm environment.

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Mint Green, Blood Red, Purple, Yellow-gold, Ocean Blue, Mallard

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