Merino Wool Veins with Silk & Tweed – approx 15gms each



These veins are a beautiful mix of 50% Merino Wool, 25% Tussah Silk, and 25% Tweed (a mix of wool and viscose nepps).   The result is a lovely smooth, silky and soft roving for spinning and felting.   The fibres will arrive to you vacuum packed both to save excessive postal charges and make it letterbox friendly.   The fibres will spring back to life once they are released from their packaging.  The 70’s grade felting wool mix has a lovely soft handle and is particularly suited to ‘painting’ (needle felting) with fibres for landscapes and pictures etc.   It is also good for finishing off the surface of 3D work if you want a softer finish.   The fibres are supplied with cut ends.   The colours may appear slightly different than those shown as this can depend on the settings on your colour monitor.   All merino wool is from non mulesed sheep and dyed with child safe dyes.   (Please note if needle felting the needles are exceptionally sharp and are not recommended for children)

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