Luxury Felting Pack with 40 colours of Merino Wools & Embellishments


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The Luxury Felting Pack is perfect if you just want to treat yourself or are looking for a present and you do not need the felting tools. It is designed for felters particularly working in 2D work (that is working on a backing fabric and ‘painting’ with the wool). The Merino wools and fibres can also be incorporated into 3D work as finishing items. There are many things you can make with the ‘painting on wool’ techniques – more than just pictures. Some examples are in a sheet included with the kit and importantly you do not have to be artistic – the sheet gives you abstract ideas to easily follow.   This is also a good pack for Mixed Media Artists
In the Pack you will find
40 colours of Merino Wool (approx 6gm each making a total of 240 gms of felting wool).
4 colours Merino veins (approx 3-4gm each)
3 colours of Merino mixed with glitz to add that little sheen to your work (approx 3-4gm each)
4 colours of Mulberry silk (approx 5gm each)
Hand Dyed Wool Locks (25 gm)
A double sided A4 sheet to give you basic instructions and inspiration to get you started.

All presented in a cardboard storage box
All the merino wools supplied are from non-mulesed sheep and will be supplied with cut ends.  Please remember Needle felting needles are very sharp and should be handled with care – the A4 sheet advises on using the Needles.