Lutradur 30 – 4 pieces each 0.5 metre square


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PACK OF 4 pieces LUTRADUR 30 – Each piece 0.5 square metre +/-5%

Lutradur is ideal for mixed media work and embroidery, plus of course general crafts.  This item is hand cut – hence +/-5% and is sent out rolled via Hermes (as it is thicker than the Post Office Large Letter size)  Lutradur is available in 3 different weights – 30, 70 and 100 gsm.   30 being the finest and 100 the thickest.

Lutradur is a bonded fabric which behaves similar to Tyvek when it is heated with an iron or heat gun.  It can be coloured before heating or after heating – I find it easier to do it before heating and I use Fabric Paints as the heat from the heat gun then seals the colour.  Lutradur has the advantage over Tyvek that if you use Fabric Paints you only usually have to colour one side as the paint bleeds through the material.

When heated with the gun it will bubble (not as much as Tyvek) and will form holes – brilliant for textiles by putting a contrast fabric behind the Lutradur.  Unlike Tyvek it does not go hard when heated so it can be stitched through after heating.  Also used for creating unusual background effects and toppers for cards.

1.  Cut your Lutradur with ordinary scissors (it is virtually impossible to tear by hand) and then colour it. You can colour the Lutradur with Fabric Paints, Felt Tip Pens etc.
2.  Place the Lutradur between 2 Teflon sheets and iron lightly and it will bubble and distort.  Using a heat gun on the Lutradur (with the Lutradur on a Teflon Sheet) will create a more bubbled effect.   Allow to cool before removing from the Teflon.
3.  If you have coloured the piece with Fabric Paint the application of the heat will have also set the colour permanently