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When you want to send ‘greetings’ say it with a doll!

This 20 page booklet contains a colourful collection of eighteen easy-knit characters designed to appeal to children and adults alike.
There is a doll to suit almost any occasion.  Birthday dolls, Bride and Groom, New-born Baby, Christmas Tree Fairy, Hallowe’en Witch, Get-Well-Soon Nurse, Tooth Pixie, colourful Clown, Toy Soldier, Little Boy Blue, Little Bo-Peep, Christmas Snowman, a Chimney Sweep for good luck, Miss Valentine,  A Chef with a cake, Jelly Babies, Bell Boy with champagne and flowers and Superkid  flying across the roof tops !

Each doll measures about 18cm [7in] from top to toe, excluding the hats and all are based on one simple design. The main portion [legs, body and head] is knitted in one piece and takes only 14 grams [½ ounce] of yarn oddments.