Jean Greenhowe’s Donut Delights Knitting Pattern Book



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20 pages packed with charming and unique designs
Jean began with one larger-than-life Donut and a sweet little character nestling in the middle, which turned into an amazing Donut-themed extravaganza!

There are six delightful dolls – Party Girl, Chef, Clown, Snowman, Boy and Girl Babies.
Next, a quartet of irresistible Ducklings – Stoneage and Cowboy Ducklings, Easter Bonnet Miss and Christmas Ducklings.

Then the Pop-ups popped up. Four cute little Toy Baubles who hide inside the Donuts until they are popped out. They can also be made as decorations for the Yuletide tree.
Finally, Jean turned the Donuts into marvellous fun containers for children’s Party Treats. Each Donut can hold 20 small lollypops, or candy canes, or small sticks of rock.

Children and grown-ups will love these entertaining novelties. They can be knitted as gifts and keepsakes to commemorate special occasions, for charity fund-raising, or simply as eye-catching ornaments for display, all irresistible!


The Donuts measure 13.5cm [5¼in] across the diameter, Dolls and Ducklings average 12cm [4¾in] in height. The Pop-ups measure just 5cm [2in].