Dog coat/sweater knitting patterns – choice of 2 – sizes in full description




These are original patterns (not photo-copied) which are protected by copyright and they are the patterns to knit the items shown – not a finished product!
Pattern KP06 knitted coats is designed for Chihuahuas and other very small dogs – chest sizes 23-38cm.  As far as the length is concerned you simply work until the coat is the length required to fit your dog.  There is also a little bone toy which you can sew using any bits of material you have!  The bottom 2 pictures are in double knitting, and the top 2 pictures have a choice of double knitting or Aran for the larger size.
Pattern KP07 knitted coats and sweaters for small dogs.  The top left picture (Joe) is a sweater knitted in double knitting with a choice of 32-36 length (chest 41-51cm) and Milly in the top right picture is a coat in 3 sizes length 25-36cm (chest 33-51cm) and knitted in double knitting.  Timmy in the bottom left is a sweater in double knitting which is 25cm long with a chest size of 44cm).  Lastly bottom right is Dolly – a coat in chunky yarn for length 32 – 36cm.

Create stylish and cozy outfits for your furry friend with these delightful dog coat/sweater knitting patterns from Sandra Polley. Available in a choice of two designs, each pattern includes detailed instructions and sizes for a perfect fit. Perfect for knitting enthusiasts who love to create unique items for their pets, these patterns are a must-have for any hobbies and crafts collection. With a focus on technique and a passion for knitting, Sandra Polley’s patterns are designed to inspire creativity and encourage experimentation. Choose from a range of themes and styles to create a one-of-a-kind piece that perfectly reflects your pet’s personality. Whether you’re an experienced knitter or just starting out, these patterns are sure to provide hours of enjoyment and a truly special addition to your dog’s wardrobe.

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