Bumper Box of 10 felting wool Animal colours + Core Wool – 240 gms total


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There are 10 different colours in this box (approx 20gm each) plus 40 gms of Core Wool – giving a massive total of early a quarter of a kilo!   The box has been assembled as the perfect answer for those wanting to do 3D Animal shapes and the majority of the colours have a soft natural ‘mottled’ effect making them perfect for Animals.  The wools themselves are Corriedale which is perfect for 3D felting.  Merino tends to be used more for 2D felting (often called painting with wool) but Corriedale has shorter fibres and these are carded in different directions so that they felt together much quicker.   The Core Wool is included as this is ideal for forming the base of the shapes before finishing with the coloured wool.   The fibres can of course also be used for wet felting and spinning.   Felting needles are NOT included in this box.

(Please note for needle felting that felting needles are exceptionally sharp and are not recommended for children)